Monday, July 19, 2010

Evangelicals and immigration

This very interesting NYT article about evangelicals and immigration has more angles than you can shake a stick at, and therefore all sorts of unanswered but fascinating questions as well.  Such as:

1.  How much will support from evangelical leaders translate into congressional votes?

2.  How deep is the connection between Latino and Anglo evangelical churches?

3.  Can evangelicals forge political connections with pro-immigration reform business leaders?

4.  How will opponents of immigration reform frame their rebuttal to evangelicals?

5.  How much has evangelical support for immigration reform changed in the past, say, four years?

Not likely anything happening this year, but stay tuned.


Tambopaxi 11:49 AM  

Greg, You're right about the different (and diverse) angles regarding evangelical groups' attitudes toward the illegal immigration issue. Some groups appear to be anti-immigrant, others, for. In short, they appear to be all over the map on the issue.

In that context, it's kind of tough to answer the questions you pose:

1. Congressional support of evangelicals... Well, could be for or against reform, depending on the group you consider...

2. Don't know how deep the relationship is in the States, but depending on the Anglo group you're talking about, some of them are very tight with their Hispanic counterparts here in Latin America (although it depends on the LA country, as well). I should note that the one Anglo group that runs its own show is the Mormons; these guys are a group apart...

3. Oh, sure, although the idea does smack a bit of the Odd Couple...

4. This question assumes all evangelicals are pro-reform which the article makes clear, is not the case...

5. Boy, who knows?

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