Friday, July 30, 2010

Piñera's numbers

The new poll from the Centro de Estudios Públicos shows that Sebastián Piñera's numbers are stagnant:

Approval: 45%
Disapproval: 29%
Neither Approve nor Disapprove: 19%
Don't Know/Didn't Answer: 7%

In general, these numbers are lower than from Adimark and CERC, but even they have him fairly constant, hovering around 50%.

Chileans also have little confidence in how he is handling the economy, with 39% approving and 32% disapproving.  It is notable that Michelle Bachelet recovered in large part because of how she dealt with the financial crisis.  The right constantly argued that the Concertación hampered economic growth, but these numbers suggest that Chileans don't agree.


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