Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ecuador and Colombia, continued

I mentioned last week the possibility that the phone tapping allegations against Colombia were intended to halt the slowly improving relations between Colombia and Ecuador.  It appears that both Rafael Correa and Alvaro Uribe agree.  That agreement is hopefully a good sign, as the two countries need to move closer if they have any hope of attacking the FARC along their shared border.  Really, no good can come out of an indefinite break of diplomatic relations.  It will certainly make Colombia less secure.


leftside 4:58 PM  

Correa has said (merely as a point of law) that President-elect Santos will be arrested if enters Ecuador. This, of course, is for the illegal bombing on Ecuadorean soil a while back. Correa says he will not involve himself in the matter, but allow the legal organs to do their duties under the law.

What Ecuador has said previously however, is that if it receives an apology for the bombing, and assurances it will never happen again, relations can be properly mended.

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