Thursday, July 29, 2010

The policy of failure

Not too surprisingly, parts of Arizona's SB 1070 were blocked by a judge as the law takes effect today.  But even if you oppose the law, this should give you little joy.

Everyone seems ready for the issue to go upward and onward to the Supreme Court which, as a lengthy NYT article notes, has been moving rightward.  What "rightward" means in the immigration context is unclear given schisms within the right, and the issue hinges largely on the interpretation of immigration's place in both domestic and foreign policy.

Regardless, immigration policy should not be set by the Supreme Court.  The judicial system is dealing with it only because Congress refuses to do so.  This should be seen by everyone as a total failure.  The federal government needs to make immigration policy in a way that renders state activism largely unnecessary--if a working system is in place, then the states should not need to add much of their own.


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Before SB1070 goes to the Supreme Court :

SB1070 will go before a three-judge panel in what traditionally has been labeled the most liberal appellate court in the country : United States Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

A ruling by the three-member appellate panel could be appealed to a larger group of justices in the 9th Circuit, according to Carissa Byrne Hessick, an Arizona State University law professor. She said that is rare in most appeals courts, but the 9th Circuit has been more willing to do it. Such a ruling could then be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The life in courts of SB1070 is in its Infancy.

This will be a long protracted battle.

Some People say that Obama won the battle but will lose the Immigration War.

But others like Robert Creamer in the Huffington Post say that what is going on is Good for Democrats, because Whites won't vote for "Immigration" Reasons, but Latinos will vote for the Democrats in order to defend themselves from strong harassment, stalking, bothering, persecutions, hate, fear, paranoia, etc ..

So according to prestigious strategist Robert Creamer, SB1070 has great capacity to make Latinos vote, but will be somewhat forgotten for Whites in the November Elections of the Full House and one third of the U. S. Senate.

I am surprised by the growing number or articles of Law Professors, experts, pundits and aficionados praising Obama and the Department of Justice.

Before the decision of Federal Judge Susan Bolton, all these Liberal Guys were hidden under the rocks.

The winds are changing.

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