Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is my member of Congress

From Peter Krupa at Lat/Am Daily, I give you Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC):

Here we are with a porous border, not really paying attention to who’s coming over, what’s happening with Iran and Hugo Chávez and Venezuela. We know that there are people going to Venezuela, learning Spanish, and then coming up through Mexico with fake documents, trying to cross the border. If they’re stopped they say, I’m Mexican. You know. Or Spanish. The point is, a border agent who really knows the difference in their language can tell that they aren’t Mexican, and so it’s very difficult if those agents aren’t really trained in linguistics to know that. And they get across.

I don't even need to comment, but I think I could use a drink.


Randy Paul 9:37 PM  

I don't even need to comment, but I think I could use a drink

But wait: since you're a latin Americanist, you must be secretly tied to Hezbollah and wouldn't drink alcohol.

Steven Taylor 1:27 PM  

"We know"

Such is the typical claim. And yet no evidence is ever forthcoming.

It is always amazing to me the brazen claims people will make and be utterly unashamed of them.

Slave Revolt,  8:40 PM  

But, but....Greg, this all jibes so nicely with the imperialist, politically correct US group think meme: Chavez & Iran equals FARC, equals terrorists with dirty bombs disquised as Mexican bean-pickers dead-set on nuking Middle Amerika.

Capitalism is the only way. Socialism is evil and akin to slavery.

Get your memes correct Greg. Never mention intellectuals like Chomsky--then, my son, you will some day get tenure. Or appear as a pundit in the corporate media.

Hipporage 12:59 PM  

Holy crap, I hope we have teams working on this threat. We might have to hire mexican workers, or spanish workers to pic out the non native spanish speakers.

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