Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Electoral reform in Chile

A new poll in Chile shows support for some electoral reform, particularly for voting to be voluntary (77%).  Meanwhile, 60% support making registration automatic once you become 18 years old.  The same percentage supports allowing Chileans to vote from abroad.  These are all reforms currently under discussion, though voting abroad has been opposed by the right, on the assumption that a majority of Chileans living in other countries fled the military government and therefore would vote for the Concertación.

Unfortunately, the poll does not seem to specifically address the binomial system, which as I've noted before seems more open to discussion than in the past.  It is not at all clear to me that Chileans have a strong preference about it.


AdministradorAtilado 8:31 AM  

This reform needs to be done. I have a blog that talks about everything. Here in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a civil war going on. Tanks are being used in war. See more news on the blog: Portuguese language blog.

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