Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Venezuela and Mercosur

Venezuela reportedly will now get admittance to Mercosur, after waiting four years for member legislatures to approve it.  Brazil had been a hold out until recently, and the last is now Paraguay.  A few thoughts:

First, wow.  Has horse trading ever been this open?  The Liberal Party crows about the ambassadorial, etc. positions it gets in return.  You don't see that in public too often, though obviously it still happens.

Second, this sentence really sums up one of Fernando Lugo's problems, particularly in a system as oligarchic as Paraguay's: "Lugo has three votes that respond to him."  That is out of 45 in the Senate.

Third, although Hugo Chávez has been wanting this for quite some time, I don't think it gives him any more of a platform than he already has.

Fourth, there is a pot/kettle dynamic with some Colorado senators saying Chávez is too anti-democratic to join.


Defensores de Democracia 5:53 PM  

This will make a lot of harm to Mercosur.

They are admitting a Rogue Nation in their Club. This is only going to bring problems and embarrassments.

Embracing a semi-dictator and demi-God that is anti-capitalist, anti-free markets, anti-Democracy, anti-free press, and that has Fidel Castro as his Daddy ??

Perhaps they do not know that Venezuela is a showcase of Criminality, lack of access to Justice for the Population. A terrible disordered state.

Hugo Chavez rules according to whims, to caprices, to impulses and unpredictable actions, according to his bipolar disorders.

The border with Colombia is closed every time that Chavez is in a bad mood, and he does not pay his bills to that "sister" republic.

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