Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks Bolivia

"Instead of weakening themselves by domestic dissensions the Spanish race in these Republics have every motive for union and harmony.  They nearly all have an enemy within their own bosoms burning for vengeance on account of the supposed wrong of centuries, and ever ready, when a favorable opportunity may offer, to expel or exterminate the descendants of their conquerors...In Bolivia it is understood that three fourths of the inhabitants belong to the Indian race.  How unfortunate it is that, under these circumstances, the Spanish race there should be weakening themselves by warring with each other."

Secretary of State James Buchanan to U.S. Chargé John Appleton, June 1, 1848

Quoted in William R. Manning, Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, Inter-American Affairs, 1831-1860 (Washington, DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1932): p. 4.

How different will a 2009 cable be?


Unknown 10:39 PM  

Given that he wrote about correspondences that happened fifty years prior, compared with just a few months ago, I'd expect a much greater impact.
Also, I'd expect the documents to be quickly cataloged and then juxtaposed with video clips of liars saying the opposite of what they had officially written, making them undeniably-provable liars.
This difference in technology and mass immediacy, products of our times not available then, can now be instantly accessible around the world.
The picture that comes to mind is the series of communications around the time that Bolivia was being torn apart a couple of years ago, and the denials of US involvement in the face of accusations by Evo Morales. Putting that together is no big deal for many savvy tech dudes these days.
Let's see--2,000 documents concerning Bolivia alone; hundreds of thousands more to be released, concerning most of the rest of the countries on earth.
In my opinion, Julian Assange deserves the Nobel Peace prize, and Obombya ought to be stripped of his.
If sunlight really is the best disinfectant, the stench of rotting germs around Washington DC ought to be horrendous.
Let the 'games' begin--I can't wait.

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