Friday, November 19, 2010

I was only DREAMing

Harry Reid wants to force a vote on the DREAM Act, so that either a) it will pass; or b) Republicans will have to be on record again as defeating it.  Two thoughts:

First, a pet peeve of mine.  Senator John Cornyn complained that Reid was "playing politics."  I always get annoyed when I read that, because politicians are elected precisely to play politics.  We have certain goals, and we elect them to achieve those goals.  Someone who refused to play politics would not get much done.

Second, I see this as potentially more harmful for Democrats than Republicans.  As I've written over and over, there are only so many times Democrats can introduce losing immigration bills before people lose faith in their willingness to push successfully for passage.  The stance of Republicans is clear, to the point that another vote on the DREAM Act won't make them look worse.


Unknown 9:42 AM  

Well I can tell you that many in my comunity are just waiting for a vote. It might not be a winning battle but at least our side would have a damn stand. I think a vote is better than nothing. If the hispanic community doesn't have the democrats than we have nobody (sad isn't it?). This might be anecdotal but a lot of hispanics see Obama in a possitive light and repubpicans as the obsticle. We need a vote and win or lose we'll remember.

Pablo 11:47 PM  

I wrote about the need to pass the Dream Act on a conservative blog. It prompted another contributor to write a post entitled, "Calling Bullshit on Pablo."

He excoriated me for being a "progressive Jon Stewart Republican."

There is very little humanity in the conservative movement today. We are talking about kids and they just don't care.

Defensores de Democracia 9:52 AM  

The USA needs these young Latinos of DREAM, they are needed as professionals, scientists, office people, salesmen, teachers, nurses, doctors, workers, managers, janitors, service people in Hotels, Restaurants, etc ...

This is an economic need for the continuing business importance of America in the concert of nations.

Economic Revolution : BRIC and Emerging Economies - Economists Jeffrey Sachs ( Columbia University ) and Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs - Their optimistic economic forecasts for the years 2000-2010 were Shy and Timid

BRIC is Brazil, Russia, India and China. These economists have been forecasting Great Development and Growth for these nations.

These economic ideas are very different from what we studied in the books before year 2000 - According to Jeffrey Sachs, availability of Natural Resources is crucial for the Future, and not only those assets but the Youth, Will and Enthusiasm of these nations and populations towards business and economic development.

Some amazing forecasts : Long term these BRIC nations will be more important in the World Economy than USA plus Europe ( Today's Developed Word ).

According to Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute in Columbia University ( New York ), some poor nations of Latin America and Africa could surprise us with a lot of Economic Dynamism in the Future.

Youth, Education and Culture are economic assets that have not been sufficiently considered and studied by Economists in the Literature.

The story that economic books do not tell is that Nations became rich and developed because they had coal, iron ore, etc ...

We know that Egypt and Mesopotamia were cradles of civilization because they had good conditions of Climate, Available Water, Fertility, etc ... while life was harsher in colder climates, but as technology developed then life in Northern Europe or Britain could be improved and these nations could advance in their human societies.

The "Challenges to Civilization" of British Historian Arnold Toynbee and his predictions of declinations, "pressures of Barbarians" and death of Civilization by Suicide and not by Homicide. Translate to Economy what the Great Historian first thought.

Apply the same ideas to Economies and you find amazing surprises like what these novel economists tell us.

The ideas of these guys are a great rejection of the Racism and Determinism of the 19 and 20 centuries.

Vicente Duque

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