Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mexico and the military

In March I wrote I was feeling optimistic because the U.S. and Mexican governments were accepting the fact that a military-centric approach to the drug war was not working very well, and so they needed a broader policy that included strengthening civilian law enforcement.  Now the Mexican government is doing an about face and is going to deploy the army again in Ciudad Juárez, while the police will merely do "some things" (algunas cosas).

Since the government already conceded that using the army did not work well before, it is not surprising that thus far it has offered no real justification.  If it did not work as intended before, why would it do so now?


Mark @ Israel 6:36 AM  

It's obvious that what they are doing is plain futile. If the Mexican government have already conceded before about using the military in the drug war, then I think they already know it's a useless effort and they're just doing it for the sake of doing something. Don't you think it's a joke?

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