Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adrian Gonzalez is a coward

I had been writing about the hubbub over whether Adrian Gonzalez might boycott the All Star Game because of Arizona immigration law.  Turns out he did a 180 and not only will he play but he claims he didn't even say what everyone knows he said.

"What I said was misinterpreted," Gonzalez told USA Today. "Especially the way the question was asked. At the time, I didn't know much about the law. I still don't. It's not something I'm even going to get into."

Sad and cowardly.


Anonymous,  9:38 PM  

It seems a bit unfair to put the label coward on Adrian Gonzalez. You are playing "gotcha" with a baseball player not a politician. About 1/2 the all stars come from Latin America. If there should have been a boycott, they all should have stayed away. Did Adrian speak prematurely and without having thought through the issue, undoubtedly. Does he deserve any special blame, no. Sounds more like sour grapes from a disaffected Padre fan!

Greg Weeks 10:34 PM  

He made a direct political quote, so should be responsible for it. Jon Stewart's bit tonight on Latinos and the All Star Game nails it.

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