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Deportation and immigration views

Gabriel Sanchez, a political scientist at the University of New Mexico and one of the bloggers at Latino Decisions, has an interesting hypothesis.  Individuals who know someone who has been deported are more likely to be critical of current immigration policy.  Since the Obama administration has deported more people than any administration in U.S. history, more Latinos now know someone who has been deported, and therefore have become more critical.

I am not entirely convinced that Latinos consider immigration the most important problem facing the country, because the poll asks them what is the most important issue "facing the Latino community" when in fact people vote based on what is most important period, and not what is most important for a more vague community identification.  Nonetheless, this is a new and intriguing argument about the effects of Obama's policies.


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Mr Weeks

This is one of several very long and excellent articles on SB 1070 before the Supreme Court ... Even the professors that believe in "constitutionality" see a lot of political problems, political fights and possible reversals of SC decisions in the future.

Many Law Professors believe that the court will return SB 1070 to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Will Justice Kennedy side with Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas ( S.B. 1070 ) ?? - My sense is that Justice Kennedy will at least agree with Judge Bea on the invalidation of two sections and possibly with the Ninth Circuit majority on the other two

University of California at Davis -
School of Law -
S.B. 1070: Federal preemption and why the Court won’t address civil rights issues -
Faculty Blog -
Arizona v. United States. -
By Professor Kevin Johnson -
July 18, 2011

Some excerpts :

How might Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting affect the Court’s decision [A2] in United States v. Arizona (assuming, of course, that the Court grants review in the latter)? Both cases involve the question of federal preemption of state efforts to regulate immigration. However, in my estimation, the Court’s decision in Whiting to uphold the constitutionality of the Legal Arizona Workers Act does not necessarily mean that the Court will uphold S.B. 1070.


Well, this is extremely long but Superb Quality ( Wonderful California Universities ! )

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