Monday, July 11, 2011

Recall in Arizona

Russell Pearce, the Arizona state senator who authored S.B. 1070, will face a recall election, the first of a state legislator in Arizona's history.

Here are the 2010 results:

Russell Pearce (R) 17,552 (56.6%)
Andrew Sherwood (D) 10,663 (34.4%)
Andrew Garcia (L) 2,808 (9%)

Obviously, a relatively small number of votes can mean a lot, but Pearce has never lost an election and won handily in 2010.  It will be very difficult to find a candidate who is sufficiently conservative for the district yet also opposed to Pearce's position on immigration.  In addition, more than one person can run against him if they get a small handful of signatures, and multiple candidates will almost guarantee a Pearce victory.

Therefore, it will likely be a symbolic measure, and one that cannot be copied everywhere.  Only nine states have broad recall provisions, while 29 others have some type of more restrictive laws for different state-level officials (more info here specifically on state legislators).


Defensores de Democracia 12:26 PM  

Phoenix New Times : Randy Parraz and other Human Rights Activists accuse Russell Pearce and the Right Wing Press in Arizona of being guilty of many Lies and Smearing Reputations - Recall Election of Pearce

The Conservative Right Wing Press is accusing Black American Citizens of being "Illegal Aliens", look at the photos.

Conservative Newspapers are accusing American Citizens of being "Illegal Aliens" - Randy Parraz called Bentley's allegations of fraud while collecting signatures for the Pearce Recall Election "false, misleading and baseless."

Now the recall election of Russell Pearce is a fact - He should be defeated by a Conservative Republican because Democrats are very weak in this district.

Pearce will emerge stronger if he wins in a landslide, but a small Pearce victory would signal growing dissatisfaction with the conservatives. This has broader significance than just Russell Pearce. If he wins just narrowly, then it is a referendum against the tea party movement, this is no place for the liberals to win. This district is too conservative !

Phoenix New Times
Feathered Bastard
Russell Pearce and Sonoran News Slammed by Recall Group
By Stephen Lemons June 29, 2011


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