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Dynamics of illegal immigration

Damien Cave (@damiencave) at the New York Times has an article very much worth reading about the decrease of illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States.  He comes up with many different possibilities, including Mexican demography, economic growth, consular help, broader access to education, and enforcement in the United States.  There are, however, two points that need mentioning.

First, this covers only Mexico, which is not the only source of undocumented immigration.  It is just over half, but that leaves many people out of this equation.

Second, even leaving aside my first point, the article does not mention demography in the United States, which must be viewed in conjunction with Mexican demographic change.  As my esteemed co-author and I argue in our book, we are slowly leaving the "demographic fit" that served both as a push and a pull for migration.  Demographic change in Mexico alone is insufficient.  There are many more young people in the United States today compared to five or ten years ago, in large part because of the migration that has already occurred, both legal and illegal.


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VIDEO, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam : A Legal, Stable Workforce Critical To Farmers - "We don't want to become dependent on Latin American countries for Produce, the way that we are dependent on Middle East Countries for our Fuel".

We have to be prudent with our Workforce :

"We are more dependent than most other states on hand labor, and it is more important for us than for most other states to have access to a legal workforce".

The final solution will be given by the U. S. Congress at the Federal Level, and not individual states acting out of frustration. There are labor voids in Agriculture, Tourism, Services, Hospitals, and others.

It is very imprudent to turn labor away and make it more difficult to harvest in a close time. We are not the Midwest with a combine to harvest the fields.

There has to be a solution in the U. S. Congress with the help of U. S. Farmers.

About Florida : We are the capital of the Western Hemisphere, and this gives us a lot of money in Tourism and Trade. We can not jeopardize that position with imprudent legislation.

Uploaded by TheFloridaGrower on Jun 23, 2011

Expressing disappointment at the lack of progress on immigration reform, Florida's Ag Commissioner says while federal and state lawmakers squabble, the reality is crops still must be harvested. The lack of sound immigration policy leaves growers in a vulnerable position.

Be sure to read the August issue of Florida Grower where Putnam will be feature as the cover story. (

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam: A Legal, Stable Workforce Critical To Farmers


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Arizona Republic Article : Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, one of the state's most powerful and controversial politicians, appears certain to face what is believed to be the first recall election of a state legislator in Arizona history this November

My Commentary :

This Political Event is of Great importance for President Obama :

Because Russell Pearce and the Arizona Extreme Right Wing of Republicans that dominates that state have been the Greatest Enemies of Obama. If Russell Pearce is effectively eliminated from the Arizona Political Landscape then that would be a Great Triumph for Obama. Of course that is extremely difficult and improbable but not impossible.

Even a reduced or lesser percentage of votes for Pearce would signal that the Arizona Voters are becoming fed up with the Extremist Republicans.

Within 15 days, Arizona Gov. Brewer must set the date for the recall election of Russell Pearce, which presumably will take place in November. Necessary Signatures have been collected in excess. The Citizens for a Better Arizona has galvanized a new era in Arizona politics.

Randy Parraz, a longtime political activist and Democratic Candidate for the U. S. Senate during the primaries have been a leader during this effort and movements to unseat Russell Pearce..

This is a big difficult task and probably Russell Pearce can win the Recall Election because these extremist Sentiments run high in Arizona. But the Political Stature of Randy Parraz has increased a lot.

Randy Parraz is now gaining National Recognition.

Randy Parraz said that a successful candidate against Russell Pearce would likely be Mormon and Republican, as Pearce is, but would be more moderate and value education and health care.


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