Friday, July 15, 2011

Underemployment in Chile

Gonzalo Durán at CIPER Chile has a great post on underemployment in Chile.  The upshot is that there are 42.3% more people underemployed now than in 2009, and 20.5% more than when Sebastiá Piñera took office. A major problem is that the Chilean government does not bother to publish anything on underemployment, preferring instead to make grand statements about creating a million new jobs.

The spread of underemployment provides more insight into the discontent currently evident in Chile at a time when its economic model is held up as a model for the region and the rest of the world.

For more on the tenuous nature of employment in Chile, check out Kirsten Sehnbruch's book The Chilean Labor Market.


Justin Delacour 5:13 PM  

Interesting. Thanks for the links.

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