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DOJ and SC

Proving once again that currently the main beneficiaries of the immigration debate are lawyers, the DOJ is suing South Carolina for infringing on the federal government's authority to make immigration policy. I am opposed to the restrictionist state measures floating around out there, and they need to be challenged, but the ironies here abound. The federal government argues that it has sole authority to enact immigration reform, then refuses to do so. Meanwhile, states complain about budget problems and then pass extremely expensive enforcement measures they know will face costly challenges. So everything goes into the courts.

My advice: if you are currently in law school, check out immigration law. Like the Border Patrol, it may well be recession-proof.


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Two VIDEOs, Robocall Election Fraud in Arizona Today, November 8, 2011 - Russell Pearce's Henchmen are deceiving Democrats and Latino Voters - The Last in Dirty Trick Politics

Robocall Deceives Arizona Latino Voters?

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Just a day before a recall election between current Senator Russell Pearce and challenger Jerry Lewis, some Mesa, Arizona voters are claiming 'voter deception.' This comes after some received a robocall instructing them to protest the election. Here's KNXV with the call.

"Voters beware. If you plan to vote this Tuesday, you should know that both candidates for State Senator, Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis, are Republicans. The only other candidate, Olivia Cortez was forced to withdraw last month. You can protest this one-sided election by writing in your own candidate."

Since the robocaller had a Spanish accent and mentioned Olivia Cortes, some say the robocall was targeted at Latino voters in Mesa's 18th district.

REPORTER: "The message seems to try to split Latino voters' loyalty. Do they vote for the man who opposes Pearce, Jerry Lewis, or try and write in a candidate of their own? And if that happens does it hurt Lewis' chances to win."
GLORIA CHAVEZ: "You're purposefully trying to mislead voters, and that should be illegal." (KNXV)

The person behind the robocall, Ron Ludders. Although he claims the message was purely informational, critics were quick to point out, Ludders is a Pearce supporter. The Phoenix New Times says...

"Riiight. Maybe that's why the robocall fails to "inform" voters that Olivia Cortes was herself a Republican, as well as a sham candidate placed on the ballot by Tea Party members in order to assist their wingnutty God, Russell Pearce."

The Los Angeles Times provides some background on Pearce, who was already a controversial choice for Latino voters due to his strong stance on immigration.

"He wrote the more recent controversial Senate Bill 1070, which forces police to investigate the immigration status of people they have lawfully detained. It is being challenged by the Obama administration."

The Pearce campaign says they didn't know about nor did they approve the robocall. The message is currently under investigation, and if it is found to have deceived voters, the Arizona Attorney General will take on the issue.

Transcript by Newsy.

Robocall Deceives Arizona Latino Voters?


Another Russell Pearce Scandal Ron Ludders


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