Friday, November 11, 2011

Walser and Latin America

I felt pretty confident that the Obama administration's renewed ties to Bolivia would generate outrage on the right, but did not know it would even involve gay slang. The following is from Ray Walser at the Heritage Foundation, who is also a key Latin America adviser to Mitt Romney:

The State Department argues that having ambassadors in Quito and La Paz would facilitate contacts and allows us to work—despite our chasm of differences—on themes of common interest. But its limp-wristed, turn-the-other cheek diplomacy hardly serves to defend U.S. interests and prestige.

This is the best criticism Romney's key adviser has? Just quoting Roger Noriega (who spouts truly crazy stuff) and then claiming President Obama sashays around Latin America? Let's go back to the Bush era when our prestige was so high...oh wait.


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