Thursday, November 17, 2011

U.S. and Brazil

Dan Runde at Shadow Government is 100% correct that the U.S. should work more closely with Brazil, but I'm not so sure about his arguments to that effect. He says it should be a priority to name a high level ambassador, seemingly not knowing there already is one (Thomas Shannon). He says Brazil has been too self-involved to have a good relationship with us, not seeming to realize that insulting the country is not the best way to generate cooperation. He labels Dilma Rousseff as "Pro-American," seemingly not understanding that the term is simplistic and misleading. Finally, he says we need more government bureaucracy in order to have a good relationship, which is odd given that the blog is conservative.

But maybe U.S.-Brazilian relations could be a bipartisan project, even if there is disagreement on specifics.

Actually, one last point. Is "influencer" a real word?


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