Thursday, November 10, 2011

Non-answers to Honduran human rights

Would you like to know how much the U.S. government cares about human rights abuses in Honduras? This State Department Q&A tells the story.

QUESTION: Yesterday, I had a couple of questions about Honduras. Toria said she’d take them. Do you know –
MR. TONER: I think we did issue those. I thought we did, Matt, before the briefing. My apologies if we did not.
MR. TONER: But there is a taken question that’s been released.
QUESTION: (Off-mike.)
MR. TONER: Yeah. So I’ll point you to those. Anything else?
QUESTION: Okay. Well, can I ask someone to read it?
MR. TONER: Can I ask someone? (Laughter.) I can –
QUESTION: Does it actually answer the question? Now, my bet is that it doesn’t answer the question.
MR. TONER: This is so real time. It’s so connected.
QUESTION: My bet is that the answer is not very responsive.
MR. TONER: I don’t know, Matt. I can tell you that it does speak to –
QUESTION: As I expected.
MR. TONER: It does speak to our ongoing dialogue with – on human rights issues with the Honduran Government, and it certainly talks about our work with the Honduran military to build a better, stronger institution, no doubt, but also to build one that’s respectful of human rights and also – go ahead.
QUESTION: I just – I don’t see anything in here about elite DEA commando squads launching raids and – but anyway, I’ll talk to you about it later. Thank you, though, for the taken question.
MR. TONER: Very good. Are we done? Thanks, everybody.

No need to answer the questions, just have a good laugh and then go home.


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