Saturday, November 05, 2011

SECOLAS 2012 Call for Papers

I am currently President of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies, and highly suggest you come to  the 2012 conference:


Defensores de Democracia 1:53 PM  

It is a wonderful thing that these are Latin American Studies in American Universities.

Conversely all Latin American Universities and even high schools should intensify the Study of the English Language and the History, Culture and Philosophy of the United States.

Please realize that President Obama is the best friend of Latin America in the USA, even surpassing the previous presidents.

Don't be harsh on the guy.

On the other hand Obama is a Shrewd Fox dancing tango with the republicans.

He is pulling out the troops of Iraq with Republican Cover.

The Super Committee is BS. The President has the final power to decide which cuts to make.

So please respect Obama for his intelligence and shrewdness.

This guy is going to be very prominent and respected in Future History Textbooks, even if he loses the Presidency in 2012 ( very unlikely ! )


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