Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baseball in Brazil

From the Rio Times: baseball is becoming more popular in Brazil. It seems the internet in particular has been important for making it easier for people to see/hear major league games. MLB, which has focused more and more on Latin America, is working to promote it. Brazilian Yan Gomes actually came up for the Blue Jays this year (no Chileans yet!).

MLB brings with it real problems of corruption and exploitation in Latin America, so it is a double edged sword. Nonetheless, it's fun to see other countries play more baseball.


Anonymous,  9:17 AM  

No it's not! hahahaha baseball is awful

RK Winters 1:30 PM  

Nice thoughts, I do think baseball could be big in Brazil with Yan Gomes and a few other players already in the pipeline. And they have such a huge market, that some athletes may find baseball over soccer. And Brazil has the money and sporting infrastructure to develop new players.

Doubt we see it in Chile any time soon. This is 10+ years coming for Brazil, and Chile does not have the market size or population.

The geographic proximity is a major plus for the DR and other Caribbean countries, and the history of the game is strong there too. MLB execs can get down to the DR in a couple hours.

With the infrastructure that MLB teams have already invested in the DR for their academies, doubt any country will overtake DR any time soon as the Latin American baseball capital. Every team now has an academy in the Dominican.

I am RK Winters aka the Dominican Baseball Guy, would love to contribute to your journal if you think my work may be a fit. I have done extensive research in Dominican baseball. -MA, Anthropology

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