Thursday, August 02, 2012

Immigration racket

Just a reminder that if you support large scale raids, roundups, and arrests of undocumented immigrants, then  by definition you also support giving billions of taxpayer dollars to companies running prisons.

The companies also have raked in cash from subsidiaries that provide health care and transportation. And they are holding more immigrants convicted of federal crimes in their privately-run prisons. 
The financial boom, which has helped save some of these companies from the brink of bankruptcy, has occurred even though federal officials acknowledge privatization isn't necessarily cheaper. 
This seismic shift toward a privatized system happened quietly. While Congress' unsuccessful efforts to overhaul immigration laws drew headlines and sparked massive demonstrations, lawmakers' negotiations to boost detention dollars received far less attention. 
The industry's giants —Corrections Corporation of America, The GEO Group, and Management and Training Corp. — have spent at least $45 million combined on campaign donations and lobbyists at the state and federal level in the last decade, the AP found.

To put it slightly differently, the United States is quietly becoming a boomtown prison state, and we're all paying for it. Maybe we need a new major in Prison Guard Studies.


Defensores de Democracia 7:13 PM  

VIDEO, Cenk Uygur : Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent an American Citizen Woman to jail for four months and a half - The Sheriff and Prosecutor did not believe that she was born in the USA, and the state of Arizona forbids Bail... The Judge was finally furious with Sheriff and Prosecutor

Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Prosecutor sent to jail for almost 5 monts a Woman born in the United States, because "she looked foreign" .... This is the Result of the Racists and Haters of Arizona and their bigotry that create laws to harass people and keep them in a Gulag without a fair and fast trial.

This is the topmost in Segregation, Apartheid, Racism and Bigotry of Haters.

These Tea Party guys are dressed up like in 1776 but they deny freedom to others because "This can not happen to me .... so I am safe" ...

Woman In Jail Because Authorities Thought She Was Illegal


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