Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy appeasy

This op-ed by Mario Diaz-Balart on Obama's Cuba policy comes perilously close to nonsensical, given that Obama's stance is barely different from George W. Bush and Cuba is laughable as a national security threat. This whole "appeasement" theme is over the top. But I love this in particular:

Similarly, after thoroughly and seriously studying the issue, Romney’s running mate, my friend Rep. Paul Ryan, fully understands that a policy of appeasement and accommodation only emboldens the terrorist Castro regime. 
Seven or eight years ago, my brother Lincoln, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and I had long and thorough briefing sessions on the issue of Cuba with Paul Ryan, and, since then, Rep. Ryan has not only supported a vigorous U.S. pro-democracy policy toward Cuba, he has been one of the strongest supporters of a free Cuba in the U.S. Congress.

"Studying" and "briefing" really means being told you are *&^%@ed in Florida if you keep talking your pro-market libertarian talk about Cuba. On Ryan's wholly fictional conversion, see this great post by Anya Landau French.


Defensores de Democracia 12:53 PM  

American Foreign Policy towards Cuba : Paul Ryan has a History of being another "Well Oiled Weathervane" in these matters. He has changed positions to please Big Money and Votes from Cuban Americans in Florida

From "The Havana Note" that Professor Greg Weeks linked, I learned this :

Ryan speaks a lot of Blather in Foreign Policy, but changes positions and goes with Money, Donors and Votes.

Read this story of how Paul Ryan lacks character in matters of the American Embargo to Cuba. He flip-flops and changes positions ( as Romney does in all issues ) - The guide to Ryan's behavior is Money and Votes, and now he desperately needs to win Florida in the Presidential Election.

He dislikes the embargo to Cuba but goes with Cuban-American Big Money in Florida.

And by the way : the Poor in Cuba are not well served by this embargo, and Americans without Cuban ancestry would not lose their souls to the devil if they go to Cuba.


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