Sunday, August 05, 2012

Electoral rules in Venezuela

Hugo Chávez routinely ignores electoral rules by using the "cadena," or mandated state media time, to campaign. Yet he is up in arms because Henrique Capriles wears a baseball cap with the Venezuelan flag colors.

Aside from the hypocrisy, I keep wondering why wearing the colors matters (i.e. who is influenced by that?). The benefit of the cadena, by contrast, is obvious.


Anonymous,  10:45 PM  

The law in Venezuela is clear -- it's illegal to use the flag, the founders, the national anthem or other such imagery in presidential campaigns. The hypocrisy is mostly that Chavez himself has a lot of red-blue-and-gold imagery, too.

Greg Weeks 8:46 AM  

I wasn't thinking of whether the law was broken so much as what the purpose of banning the national colors were in the first place.

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