Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Law Enforcement and Citizenship

Normally you figure that law enforcement officials care about...law enforcement. Apparently that is not true. Here is a story about a North Carolina sheriff who opposes immigration reform. He claims that it does not do enough for enforcement, but you dig slightly deeper and see the real reason.

Of the bill's provision regarding a pathway to legal employment/legal status, Page said the National Sheriff's Association takes the position that "under the conditions and provisions of a guest worker program, persons here illegally must come forward and delare [sic] themselves to the United States government.  The illegal individuals can then take the steps necessary to achieve legal status under a guest worker program.  Under a guest worker program, U.S. Citizenship cannot be obtained."

This is problematic. First of all, at what point did the official positions of sheriffs center on citizenship rather than just law enforcement? Second, if they did think there was a link between citizenship and crime, then they should be aware that naturalized citizens commit fewer crimes than the native-born. As I've argued  before, the crime problem is not about immigrants per se, but rather immigrant assimilation into a terribly violent and often unhealthy culture in the United States.

In short, this view is both uninformed and is very likely simple racism. We don't want more of "them" because based on my narrow views, "they" are dangerous and I do not want "them" around.


Defensores de Democracia 2:34 PM  

Very important Law Journalist Lyle Denniston is somewhat concerned about the "Victory" of Minorities in the U. S. Supreme Court decision about "Arizona Voters Registration Law" - There is a poison pill inside ( prepared by Scalia ?? )

I have great trust and confidence in what Expert Lyle Denniston writes, he seems very concerned for this "Liberal Victory" because it opens the door for some Republican and Conservative Mischief

But it is important to remark that Justice Samuel Alito wrote a dissent and put most of the emphasis on a different way to read the federal voter registration law at issue, and spent considerable effort arguing that the road map the majority had laid out for states that want to impose a proof-of-citizenship requirement would not work in practice.

That offers some hope to a Liberal Heart


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