Saturday, June 01, 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

Like last year, today I ran the Warrior Dash. The basic idea is that it is a 5K with fun obstacles, including crawling through mud.

This year was VERY different from last, which had three relatively easy mud/water obstacles to get through. This time there were only the dry obstacles until the mud crawl with barbed wire strung not far above the surface of the mud, which is always at the end. Last year I scooted through it because it was mostly water.

This year it was extremely thick mud, what Dr. Seuss might call Gluppity Glup, and it was impossible to feel the ground under you to get any leverage. I made the extraordinarily poor decision of going in the middle of the pit, which was the worst part. It was very hard to move, and many people were trying to bail out the sides. I had to wait several minutes for the guy in front of me, whose leg was stuck, while he waited for a group of men to yank him out. I made it through, but needed help to get over the lip and out of the pit. And I admit that toward the end my main thought was, "I want out of this goddamned mud!"

All of which might suggest that having a bunch of degrees does not mean you are smart. It was good exercise, though, as I believe I used very single muscle in my body. I definitely feel all of them right now.


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