Friday, May 31, 2013

Oppa Maduro Style

Here is a shift from Hugo Chávez to Nicolás Maduro, and not one that benefits the latter. He is going off on Juan Manuel Santos for meeting with Henrique Capriles. Now, being annoyed is understandable, but Chávez understood that keeping Santos on his side was important. In particular, he understood that Santos was moving away from Alvaro Uribe and so in many ways was more friendly with Chávez. Maduro seems not to care.

"Aquí hay bolivarianos, no se les olvide que somos hijos de Bolívar, de Chávez. No se metan con nosotros. Respeten para que se les respete", agregó el Jefe de Estado venezolano en una jornada del gobierno de calle desde el estado Carabobo. 
El 10 de agosto de 2010 en Santa Marta, Colombia, el presidente Hugo Chávez sostuvo una reunión con su homólogo colombiano, Juan Manuel Santos, donde se establecieron unas reglas, que hasta ayer se habían sido respetadas por ambas partes, relató Maduro, quien precisó que una de ellas había sido la no intromisión de los gobiernos en los asuntos internos de ambas naciones. "Una regla de juego básico para la convivencia y respeto".

I suppose he thinks he can get some short-term domestic boost just as Capriles is talking about the illegitimacy of the audit. He repeats Chávez's name over and over. But Santos is an important ally precisely because he is not a leftist. If Maduro is smart then he has already called Santos and told him to forget all the bluster that he put on for public consumption. If.

I tend to think that Santos met with Capriles as a way to blunt domestic criticism that he was too close to Chávez and is too willing to negotiate with the FARC. Plus, he can try to be friendly to both the Venezuelan government and opposition. As far as I know, he has made no recent statement about the situation, but in April he had congratulated Maduro on the win.

Maduro will be making a huge mistake if he lumps Santos and Uribe together, and from his statement he seems to come very close to doing so.


Defensores de Democracia 1:09 PM  

Orders from Cuban Dictators Castro for Nicolas Maduro, Communist Zombie :

Blame everything on Imperialism, for a variation kick Colombia and the bogeyman Alvaro Uribe, Anti-Christ and Beast 66

Treat the president of other country as another Red Shirt Idiot of Venezuela

Lie, be a Hypocrite, Cynic, Twisted and Crook Scoundrel, False, Pharisee

Continue giving support to FARC Narco Terrorists

Arm the Populace for a Civil War

Lots of Militarism, go to Military Bases with the stupidity of Missiles and Robot Drone Airplanes

Cover yourself for a Military Coup from young officers

Defensores de Democracia 1:27 PM  

What was given to Mr Juan Manuel Santos ( Colombian President ) in his coffee ??? - He did two good things lately :

To receive Henrique Capriles and asking a place in NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The President and Congress of Colombia receive with great enthusiasm and friendship Venezuela's opposition leader Henrique Capriles. And are gravely insulted by the dictators of Venezuela !

Colombia should not ask alms from Chaplinesque Victimita ( Little Victim ) dictators of Venezuela.

ALBA and UNASUR are clubs of beggars.

Better to be in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO :

This will take many years or decades. It is necessary to be realistic, with feet on the ground. But it is the best imaginable move.

So, these communist dictators : Ortega, Fidel, Raul and the Zombis of Venezuela don't steal more seas and islands from Colombia

Colombia is Decency ! -- Arise !

Defensores de Democracia 3:30 PM  

The U. S. Department of State defends Colombia against the recent verbal aggressions of Venezuelan Dictators Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello - Declarations of Roberta Jacobson, assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs

The USA defends Colombia against the aggressive and violent speeches of Venezuela and its client countries in Latin America :

"Our goal is certainly to support Colombia as being a capable and strong member of lots of different international organizations, and that might well include NATO" said Roberta Jacobson

"It is not all that surprising that the Colombians are interested in where else they would be able to interact" Jacobson said

This has a powerful logic, everybody understands that full membership in NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) is not possible. But there are many ways of friendship, cooperation and common work between Colombia, the USA and its allies of NATO.

These developments take years if not many decades. Politics is the Art of the Possible, but it is also the art of waiting for political developments, in the domestic front and in the international front.

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