Thursday, May 23, 2013

U.S. Influence in Latin America

We need a moratorium on op-eds proclaiming the end of U.S. influence in Latin America. They're usually terrible. Here is one of the most poorly argued I've read in a while.

The U.S. has lost influence because:

1. It is not shoveling aid at a pace frantic enough to foster dependency.

2. Latin American governments conduct independent foreign policy (he is especially miffed that Mexico dictated some terms of the U.S. role in fighting drugs in that country; the nerve!).

That's pretty much it. Maybe, in fact, it's not poorly argued at all. In fact, it is argued quite clearly. The lesson, though, is to celebrate what the author is lamenting. And indeed this is the underlying message in so many of these op-eds. What they dislike is independence.


Defensores de Democracia 1:47 PM  

The Great CASTRATION and FAILURE of Latin America has been MILITARISM, during 200 Years. And Venezuela has been the most militaristic country in the subcontinent. The adoration of MILITAROTES ( the bad Military )


Supreme is only God.

ETERNO ?? - a famous song in Spanish says that "nothing is ETERNAL in the World, even if it has a heart" ! - This song has been the favorite of Great Capos of Narcotics like Pablo Escobar.

If Chavismo can hold on to power then it will cause Great Damage : Economic, Financial, etc ... but the worst is the Moral Harm to the Honor and Dignity of that Nation, tormented by a brutal and violent dictatorship that kills and tortures students and young people.

A Venezuelan general and an American Movie maker have been abusively in jail, among other political prisoners in Venezuela.

The "Pacific Alliance" of Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Chile and soon Guatemala is a better option of Freedom Countries with Market Economies.

The ALBA is a great Swindle and Fraud and it has these countries : Venezuela that pays the bills, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina with corrupt Cristina as President.

ALBA has a Castro-Chavo-Communist Ideology of the Past..

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