Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cuba Outside Cuba

Really good story in the Miami Herald about initial impressions Cuban dissidents had of Cuban American in Miami. It confirms what common sense should have told us decades ago--opening up is good for U.S. policy goals and detrimental to Cuba's.

The reason is that a lack of contact made it easy for Fidel Castro to paint Miami as a cesspool of criminals who hated Cubans who remained on the island. Once people actually have the chance to meet and talk with each other, it is harder to maintain an official line.

The embargo, of course, creates high barriers for contact, which ultimately undermines official policy goals. Let people talk to each other, see how the other lives, and let them decide what they prefer.

The article highlights how much demography matters for this as well. Fidel Castro's view was much more accurate in the past. Now there are so many more young Cuban Americans who do not view the situation so much through an ideological lens.

People and places evolve, yet our policy does not.


Defensores de Democracia 6:38 PM  

Joe Biden will be in Colombia’s capital Bogota on Monday to meet the country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos -

But the Colombian President is delivering that nation tied from hands and feet to the FARC Communist Terrorists

In the Terror Island of Tortures called Cuba, the Colombian President is closing the most absurd "Impunity Agreement" that you may imagine. The terrorists will end up in the Colombian Congress without any election. Very anti-democratic and anti-Freedom.

The FARC Narco Terrorists are one of the main sources of drugs for the USA ... It is also the kingdom of Kidnappings for Ransom, they use Terror Bombings and constantly plant land mines that have killed thousands of Children, Women and the Old.

Meanwhile there is a small possibility ( 5% in my estimation ) of a Civil War in Venezuela. - This will have a lot to do with Colombia because of the extremely long border without any security or "Border Fence" ....

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