Sunday, May 05, 2013

Venezuelan Response to Obama

Here is the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Relations response to President Obama's comments on the election, which were the following:

In the interview that aired Friday, Obama wouldn't say if the United States recognizes Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's new president following elections that have been disputed by the opposition.

When asked, he replied that it's up to the people of Venezuela to choose their leaders in legitimate elections.

He also said that reports indicate that basic principles of human rights, democracy, press freedom and freedom of assembly were not observed in Venezuela following the election.

Naturally, the Venezuelan government wasn't happy. You would think this would be an opportunity for Nicolás Maduro to assert himself. But that's not what happened.

In fact, what's interesting about the response is that it is all about Hugo Chávez, who is mentioned four times, once even as "Comandante Eterno." He is mentioned before Maduro, who gets only two inclusions, and both of them specifically mention that he is the heir of Chávez and just following his policies. Maduro is very clearly framed as a follower.

This isn't a winning political strategy. At some point the government will have to be Maduro's, and not the Chávez leftover. Already the country's political landscape has changed dramatically, and unless there are more birds flying around then it will have to be Maduro, not Chávez, who determines how the government evolves with it.


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Defensores de Democracia 6:20 PM  

What will overthrow the Brutal Violent Dictatorship in Venezuela : Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello ? - What will happen there ??

This is what is going on and the natural consequences of Economic Mismanagement, combined with inhumanity, immorality, thievery ! :

1) Shortages, Scarcity, Blackouts, empty supermarkets, lack of medicines, inflation, devaluation, stupid price controls, corruption to get dollars, smuggling gasoline and foodstuffs to Colombia. General Criminality : the population lives in a permanent curfew imposed by Brutal Thugs.

2) Dictatorship imprisons an American Film Maker and a Venezuelan General without any valid reason.

3) Coup d'Etat is always performed by a Military Junta, not distinguished ladies. Venezuela has always being very militaristic and little civilist. The Present Government is filled with the military. There are always young officers furious with the ruin and degradation of the country.

Vicente Duque

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