Monday, May 06, 2013

Presidents in Colombia

Nicolás Maduro has announced a new plot against him almost daily. One of those was aimed at former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who Maduro claimed was trying to kill him. Not surprisingly, Uribe got mad. Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Santos has said nothing, which has prompted another former president, Andrés Pastrana, to write an open letter telling him to respond.

“Personal feuds and political differences must be thrown out and the silence, which is already bordering on complacency, must be broken to confront  to this serious accusation against someone who has held the highest national rank,” stated Pastrana in the letter.

I cannot recall any situation in Latin America where current and former presidents have engaged with each other in such a highly public fashion. Uribe rants and raves about Santos on Twitter all the time.

I do wonder, though, why Santos hasn't said anything. I would guess that in part it's an unspoken policy many governments have taken, which is to ignore the crazier things being said by Venezuelan presidents. On the other hand, claims about assassination plots take things one step further, especially when they are accompanied by exactly zero evidence. On Twitter--now his chosen means of communication--Uribe thanked Pastrana for the letter.


Defensores de Democracia 4:12 PM  

The Colombian Parliament has shown Dignity, Worthiness, Decency and Honesty.

They overwhelmingly voted to receive Maria Corina Machado, leader of Opposition to the Venezuelan Tyrants, Despots and Brutal Violent Dictators-

She spoke before Colombian House and Senate.

This is one more pressure on Maduro and his loyal friend Juan Manuel Santos !

They are inside the pressure cooker, and the heat is increasing !

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