Thursday, May 02, 2013

Bolívar and Fascism

From Simón Bolívar's 1819 speech at the inauguration of the Second National Congress of Venezuela:

"The formation of a stable government requires as a foundation a national spirit, having as its objective a uniform concentration on two cardinal factors, namely, moderation of the popular will and limitation of public authority."

Harold Bierck (ed.). Selected Writings of Bolivar, Vol. 1, 1810-1822. (New York: The Colonial Press, 1951): 191.

Ah, good. Obviously democracy needs limits. But here's the president of the Bolivarian Republic:

Nicolás Maduro last night: we'll force a cadena so we can make people watch what we want and cut off Henrique Capriles when we can. And he calls Henrique a fascist for the millionth time, telling him to stop contesting the election, calling him a fascist for the millionth time. Not exactly limitation of public authority.

But wait! Bolívar continues in the same speech:

"All our moral powers will not suffice to save our infant republic from chaos unless we fuse the mass of the people, the government, the legislation, and the national spirit into a single united body. Unity, unity, unity must be our motto in all things."

Hmm. Maduro says Capriles is a fascist, but what Bolívar describes is a very nice definition of fascism.


Defensores de Democracia 6:41 PM  

These Dictators Maduro and Cabello and their sycophants talk of Fascism but they have never studied seriously the Fascism of Italy and Nazism of Germany in the years 1920 to 1945.

The crude movie "1900" ( Il Novecento ) 1976 of Bernardo Bertolucci with many scenes of Brutal Violence in the Italy of Fascism.

Watch this movie and you see many scenes of violence like what we see now in Venezuela.

So for me, the Fascist guys are the Tyrants and Despots of Venezuela.

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