Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talking to Maduro

The Washington Post editorial board is miffed at John Kerry. Why? Because he had the audacity, the sheer gall, to chat with the Venezuelan Foreign Minister and to suggest it might be a good idea to have ambassadors. Somehow this is taken as a ringing endorsement of Nicolás Maduro. A "lifeline" even! I guess Kerry's words will make Venezuelans forget they have no toilet paper.

This demonstrates how far we've descended in diplomatic terms.  For all the Ronald Reagan glorification, people seem to forget he actively engaged with the Soviet Union, including meeting personally with Gorbachev in 1985. Later, they even signed treaties, even though Gorbachev didn't do exactly what the U.S. wanted. Nobody mistook this for Reagan's approval of the Soviet regime.

Venezuela today doesn't even qualify as an adversary, much less an enemy, yet dialogue gets criticized from the right. Kerry wasn't even agreeing to anything beyond normal diplomatic ties. It is self-defeating and nonsensical to label basic diplomatic dialogue as endorsement of a particular government.


Defensores de Democracia 3:46 PM  

That 18 fighter bomber airplanes are going to be sold to the Venezuelan Opposition in Texas. And are going to be sent to an American Base in Colombia to destroy Venezuela

According to Jose Vicente Rangel, former Vicepresident. Maduro repeats the Stupidity.

Colombia has been in Military Excercises in Canada and the USA for training and learning purposes.

I have heard that some Colombians have flown in formations with the Canadians and Americans. And that some Colombian ships escort the American Fleet for friendship and learning on the Caribbean

That the Colombian soldiers may train the NATO on counter terrorist dogs that detect land mines.

So the temper Tantrums of Maduro about NATO are ridiculous.

Colombia does not need to be a member, just a friend under the umbrella.

When you are threatened is a good idea to be humble, but approach the Big Guns

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