Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden to Venezuela?

According to one source, Edward Snowden is on his way to Venezuela. If this turns out to be true, and of course it may not, it directly contradicts Nicolás Maduro's rhetorical commitment to better relations with the United States. It will also be a slap to John Kerry, who was already taking flak from the right for talking to Venezuela in the first place. The Obama administration has been trying to remain above the fray in Venezuela, ignoring conservative complaining, but this could well change that.

Whether or not it is true, an interesting question is what happens to such individuals when the leaders of their host government changes. If Snowden ends up in Venezuela, what would Henrique Capriles do with him if he won the presidency? I guess Venezuela would ship him off to Cuba or somewhere for safekeeping.

At least Julian Assange can feel better about Ecuador, because the opposition there is in total political disarray.


Anonymous,  4:04 PM  

These diplomatic decisions by Venezuela or Ecuador will have costs and benefits. The perceived benefits include sticking it to the US etc... What will be the likely costs?

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