Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Invoking the OAS Democratic Charter

I have a piece up at Latin America Goes Global on Luis Almagro invoking the OAS Democratic Charter. My main point is that even if no specific actions are taken (and the OAS is simply not structured for action in the first place) it is important for regional leaders to have an open discussion about Venezuela and democracy more generally.

The sad decline of Venezuela should be a vehicle for a broader discussion of democracy and the role of multilateral organizations in the protection of democratic institutions and rights. For one thing, the showdown has the potential to help define what Latin America wants in its democracies and of the OAS. If Luis Almagro can facilitate that sort of open debate, then we should consider this effort a success, regardless of the specific outcome.

Go check the rest out over there.

I'm also quoted in this story about the connection between this issue and changes in Cuba policy.


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