Friday, June 24, 2016

Pushing More Venezuela Sanctions

Jeff Duncan (R-SC, who is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee) made comments about Venezuela (basically offhand in response to others' comments) in a hearing. What he said depends on who you ask.

Mainstream media:

Duncan suggested the United States impose more economic sanctions against Venezuelan government officials directly responsible for human rights violations.
“Many government officials in Venezuela who are directly responsible for human rights abuses and the deterioration of democratic institutions, public corruption and drug trafficking, remain free to access U.S. financial systems,” Duncan said. “This is not right.”

Read more here:


U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan, chairman of the House subcommittee for the Western Hemisphere, rejected the idea of placing more sanctions against Venezuela during a hearing Wednesday. 
"The Venezuelan people are hurting, so I don't know how sanctions help," Duncan said in response to calls from other members of Congress for sanctions.

Just skimming, I can't find those exact quotes in the video, If you take a look you can see there is a lot of interest in sanctions. It is a hardline hearing attended only by Republicans. There's even discussion about how Nicolás Maduro might be refusing to step down because the U.S. buckled under to Cuba.

The funny thing about the somewhat triumphant Telesur quote is that it misses the gist, which is that Venezuelans are so screwed we shouldn't hurt them more.


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