Wednesday, June 08, 2016

LASA Resolution on Brazil

I voted in favor of this LASA resolution.

Resolution on Brazil 
Whereas: the arbitrary and casuistic manner in which the impeachment process is being carried out against President Dilma Rousseff constitutes an attack against Brazilian democracy;  
Whereas: democracy is an indispensable condition for attaining a dignified and socially just future for all of the region's inhabitants; and  
Whereas: the international community of Latin Americanists has long stood in solidarity with struggles in defense of democracy.  

Be it resolved that: LASA denounces the current impeachment process in Brazil as antidemocratic and encourages its members to call the world's attention to the dangerous precedents that this process establishes for the entire region. 

It is much better written than some of the rambling, even incoherent ones in the past. It is succinct, which has not been the case with resolutions. But really, "casuistic"? Are we just trying to impress people with our vocabulary?

Anyway, it's right. This process is not good for Brazilian democracy.


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