Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Money, Nuns, and Guns in Argentina

Kudos to Charlie Devereux at Bloomberg for one of the most entertaining ledes I've seen in some time:

When a man was caught hurling bags of money over the walls of a monastery in a sleepy town outside Buenos Aires last week, President Mauricio Macri benefited more than the nuns. 
The man turned out to be former Public Works Secretary Jose Lopez, second-in-command at the Planning Ministry for more than a decade and a close collaborator of the late President Nestor Kirchner. The bags contained more than $9 million in U.S. dollars, euros, Japanese yen and even Qatari riyal. Police also seized a Sig Sauer assault rifle and several watches.

You can't make this stuff up. It has split Kirchner supporters, and of course can only benefit Macri, who is pushing a variety of controversial economic policies with decidedly mixed results.


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