Monday, August 06, 2007


Barry Bonds now has 755 homers and soon will break the record (on a side note, he hit number 755 against the Padres but we swept the Giants so I didn’t mind too much). I’ve found myself viewing Bonds and the record with indifference. I don’t hate Bonds, but he’s not very likeable, not to mention the steroids accusations hanging over him. In other words, he’s no Tony Gwynn. Or Hank Aaron, for that matter.

But I also think that Bud Selig has acted liked a dope (no pun intended). Watch the video of Bonds’ home run and you see him standing there, hands in pockets, as if he wasn’t even paying attention. Now he says he’s going home and won’t be around for the Giants’ next few games. What pressing matters does he have?

I think Bonds took steroids (see Game of Shadows, which summarizes all the evidence) but I don’t hate him for it, and I think Selig should give the record more attention, especially since Bonds has not been convicted of anything. But that cloud, combined with his personality, just leaves me much less interested than I otherwise would’ve been.

Regardless, this may be a short-lived record. A-Rod just hit his 500th, the youngest person ever to do so (he only just turned 32).


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