Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Fidel article

Granma published another article by Fidel. Like other recent articles, it wanders, even intertwining history with the present, written by an older man who clearly relishes the fact that he has outlived so many U.S. presidents. The second and third paragraphs focus on Eisenhower, and how Fidel and Che Guevara went to play golf as a way of making fun of him.

The article veers up to Bill Clinton and the passage of Helms-Burton, then to the current presidential candidates, then back to Jimmy Carter and his attitude toward Panama, on to the talk of a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket, then to speculation that Al Gore might run. The general theme is that Cuba policy doesn’t change much with Democrats or Republicans, with the exception of Carter.

The conclusion:

Enough of tales and nostalgia. This is written simply to increase the conscience of the Cuban people.

Nostalgia is exactly the feeling I got from this article. It is, however, also timed to quash speculation that he is dead, though no photo accompanies it so the rumors will likely continue to run rampant.

Update: The U.S. press is reporting that Castro calls Clinton-Obama "invincible." That is not true--he is just mentioning conventional wisdom:

Today, talk is about the seemingly invincible ticket that might be created with Hillary for President and Obama for Vice President.


Anonymous,  1:34 PM  

It will truly be fascinating to watch all the jockeying when Castro dies. You'll have Raul, Chavez, the White House, the Cuban exiles in Miami, and the rest of democratically elected governments in Latin America, just for starters. Maybe Putin will want to have a word or two as well.

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