Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nicaragua question

Does anyone out there know what the address is for the FSLN website? I had an old link ( that no longer works. They must have a site, but I can't find it.


Miguel Centellas 4:29 PM  

The only thing I'm aware of is this:

Greg Weeks 5:12 PM  

Here's the weird thing--that site has a link to the "sitio oficial" but that is the same one that doesn't work. Did they not keep it up somehow?

Miguel Centellas 7:17 PM  

A few weeks ago one of the major Bolivian papers, Sucre's Correo del Sur, went down suddenly (replaced w/ a web hosting company's "page not found" error message). A few days later, it was back up. It seems they didn't pay their bill on time. Maybe that's it?

Anonymous,  11:41 AM  

Don't know if you still need this but (english) is one website and like mcentellas said is another site

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