Monday, August 13, 2007

Views of U.S.-Latin American relations

Zogby recently released a poll on how U.S. citizens view U.S.-Latin American relations (see Boz and Randy Paul for discussions of some of the issues, such as the fact that almost no one has heard of Lula).

There are two things that jumped out at me, especially given recent debates in the U.S.

First, despite all the nonsense surrounding the Obama comments on having discussions with “enemies,” 58% believe that the U.S. should hold discussions with Raúl Castro about the future relationship of the two countries. In addition, 56% believe the embargo should be ended.

Second, despite all the talk of knowing “what Americans want” and therefore shooting down immigration reform, 55% believe the U.S. economy benefits from migrant workers. That and similar sentiments have been clear from many different polls in the past few years.


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