Saturday, August 11, 2007

More immigration proposals

The Bush administration announced new immigration proposals, 25 in all. There is the requisite “we’re keeping you secure” message—18,300 agents, 370 miles of fences, 105 cameras and towers, 3 UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), two French hens...The administration will even press “recalcitrant” countries to take back their immigrants.

There is also a proposal to “review,” “streamline” and “institute changes” to the current H2A (i.e. agricultural) temporary worker program. Obviously, those terms are vague, but it could easily be viewed as an end run. Since Congress has refused to act, then the White House—which of course has years of experience ignoring Congress—will fiddle with the H2A program on its own. The number of workers allowed is set by law, so I will be curious to see what specific changes result.


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