Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is very appropriate since it is the first week of class. Via Signifying Nothing, a quote from 1641 about a plagiarist being executed for his misdeed:

He hanged till he was dead for he was ript whilst he did hang & being cut downe his members being cut off & cast into the fire, the Executioner ript him up and tooke his heart & threwe it into the fire which lept out againe & no man toucht it till the Executioner a goodwhile after threwe it in againe, his head and quarters were brought backe to Newgate & boyled & are to be set upon 4 gates of the Citty.

Maybe I should put that right on my syllabi.


Chris Lawrence 8:21 PM  

I figure my students are already frightened enough by the reading lists for my classes, so there's no need to pile on the terror.

Plus, I don't have tenure. Or, for that matter, a job after May 15ish of next year.

Greg Weeks 11:18 AM  

Still, I laugh every time I read it...

Josh 12:50 PM  

I'd have laughed if you'd have put that on our syllabus...

I bet more than a few students wouldn't even notice it being in there.

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