Monday, August 10, 2009

The clock ticking in Honduras

The coup government's about face on whether to allow a new OAS delegation into Honduras gained Roberto Micheletti some more time:

It's not known whether the OAS will accept the terms for the visit.

The meeting had been planned for Tuesday, but a new date has yet to be announced.

And here is something worth keeping in mind:

Days since the coup: 43
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 111

You stall a few days here, and a few days there, and it starts to add up.


boz 4:00 PM  

So if I have my math right, Sept. 14th will be the day that the election is closer than the first day of the coup.

Doug Zylstra 5:29 PM  

How likely is that Zelaya is never reinstated but that the pressure keeps up to the point that the constitutional assembly comes about under the new administration, whoever that may be?

Anonymous,  8:53 PM  

No One in our comunity are even paying atention to this non sense about "post" meeting CRAP.

Zelaya. isn't going to Return you people are or ither naive or .jejeje

Hilary's Husband ex or current Lawyer gott everithing taken care for the cpuop leaders

leftside 8:58 PM  

Doug raises a good point. If the people of Honduras were lukewarm about a Constitutional Reform project before, now they must be curious as to what all the fuss is about. After all, if is is so important to the elites as to kidnap a President over, many will conclude that an Assembly is worth fighting for.

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