Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Latest OAS round

To the surprise of exactly no one, the coup government in Honduras told the OAS delegation that it would not accept the San José Accord. Seemingly in response, the U.S. government announced its embassy would stop issuing visas.

Although Latin American countries have shown they will not take action against the coup government, hopefully their efforts help spur the Obama administration to do something. Micheletti met with the OAS, then blustered on about how only an invasion would take him out. By contrast, Zelaya has accepted the San José Accord (a point reiterated by his wife in the most recent meetings). Therefore, perhaps even failed meetings serve to remind everyone that the coup government is lying when it says it is open to negotiation.

Days since the coup: 59
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 95


Nell 2:14 PM  

RAJ cites hints, rumors, and suggestions of possible or imminent further U.S. actions.

The remittances are a gigantic hammer, one that I would not expect to see brought down unless measures well short of that produced no movement by the coup-makers.

Nell 4:17 PM  

AP quotes a State Dept official who spoke on background yesterday after the announcement of the travel visa suspension:

...[he] said the only sticking point for Micheletti’s government is Arias’ stipulation that Zelaya return as president.

The State Department official indicated the U.S. reaction to the impasse might toughen against Micheletti’s government if the department’s lawyers determine Zelaya’s ouster constituted a military coup. U.S. law would
specify stronger actions in that case, but the official said they had not made the determination yet.

Insulza said [Sp.] at today's report-back from the failed OAS mission that there's still hope for a successful outcome and that Zelaya will attend an OAS meeting in Washington on Monday or Tuesday.

Putting the two together, I'd say the moment has come to roust every possible source of public pressure on the Obama administration. This Friday the coup will be two months old. It cannot be allowed to continue into September.

In every medium available to you, please publicize the findings of the several human rights investigations. Note that the threat of violence against coup protestors and media is increased now that all the recent international delegations have left the country.

Contrast Zelaya's willingness to sign the 12 points of the (deeply unfair and flawed) San Jose document with and the clear intransigence of the coup regime.

Demand that the State Department end the charade of their six-week-old "legal review" and find that the Honduran coup is is a coup, triggering the sanctions of PL-.

Remind our government that the integrity of every other elected government in the hemisphere is placed at risk if this coup is allowed to stand.

Abby Kelleyite 4:46 PM  

State just posted the transcript from yesterday's background briefing:
Senior State Department Officials on Honduras. More waffling on "military" coup. Of particular note:
QUESTION: Hi, it’s Arshad Mohammed of Reuters. Why – you said that this was a signal of how the decision to suspend visa services, except for emergency and immigrant or potential immigrants, why – of how closely you’re watching the situation, what does this – beyond that you’re watching the situation, which we’ve known since June 28th, does this presage or hint at the possibility of greater U.S. sanctions against the de facto government if it fails to accept the San Jose Accords?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: Thank you for your question. As you know, we are looking at this situation as it evolves. At this point, we felt like this was an appropriate measure to take. As you know earlier, we supported when the OAS – we voted with the OAS when they voted to suspend Honduras’ participation in the OAS. We have suspended some of our bilateral – direct bilateral assistance. We suspended certain diplomatic visas of the regime. This is just another measure, one more measure.

Does that mean that there might be other measures that we will consider? Yes. That means that there are others, but we – but what’s in that menu or what those will be yet, it would be premature for me to say.

Greg Weeks 4:48 PM  

I've actually already posted on that.

Abby Kelleyite 4:50 PM  

Too quick for me lol.

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