Sunday, August 16, 2009

Honduras nonupdate update

In news that seems not to have changed in weeks, the coup government will send officials to Washington to do some lobbying, talk nicely while obstructing, and mostly kill some time. Meanwhile, the OAS continues its proactive policy of inaction, as apparently its new delegation visit "is now expected in the coming weeks." People are accumulating a lot of frequent flyer miles, but not much else.

Days since the coup: 49
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 105


Nell 3:28 PM  

The passage of time, with the prospect of U.S. recognition of the November elections even if they take place under the coup-installed regime, brings unavoidably to the fore the decision facing the organizations actively resisting the coup, whose fundamental goal is constitutional change:

How to approach the elections?

leftside 2:35 AM  

With a lack of real news lately, here's a sort of interesting report from (activist group) Global Exchange's meeting with Hugo Llorens, US Ambassador, in Tegucigalpa.

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