Saturday, August 15, 2009

Important Latin American news

I know there are political and economic crises throughout the region, but what could be more important than alien visitation? So stop the presses, because there has been a UFO sighting in Tacna, Peru. Apparently there have been some alien abductions in Uruguay as well. If they really wanted to help out, maybe they could just abduct Roberto Micheletti.


Anonymous,  9:11 AM  

Jokes aside, you do realize Micheletti is the least of Zelaya's problems? Zelaya supporters seem to forget that practically every legitimate institution in Honduras agrees Zelaya broke the law.

Robert Funk 11:35 AM  

With regard to Micheletti, I think the martians have enough problems of their own, what with the extreme temperatures, lack of cable TV and no

They probably have something better than an Ipod, though.

Greg Weeks 1:21 PM  

Maybe the martians could step in for Arias while he's sick.

RAJ 4:14 PM  

Just need to point out that "every legitimate institution in Honduras" has not in fact agreed that Zelaya broke the law. Charges of crimes need to be followed by trials and sentences and appeals, none of which actually happened.

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