Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun with O'Grady

Following up on my post about Mary Anastasia O'Grady, here is a 2003 article justifying the 1973 Chilean coup. The military's bombing of La Moneda, the torture, and widespread murder were all "courageous."

At least in that case she called it a coup.


leftside 5:40 PM  

It is also useful to remember that it was the Chilean Supreme Court who set the coup in motion (officially) by accusing President Allende of violating the Constitution by supposedly ignoring judicial decisions.

Defensores de Democracia 3:12 PM  

I condemn dictators from the Right and Left.

Pinochet was a criminal, murderor and thief ... His family became incredible rich by staying in power for so many years ...

Chavez closes Golf Courses
They are "Oligarchy"
Big Areas for the Rich

Venezuela and Ecuador are being undermined by Narcos, by the Criminals that deal with drugs.

The first stages of that sickness are very pleasant, there is a lot of dollars available. The rich can sell their Real Estate for astronomic prices, there is an increase of sales for merchants, services are well paid.

They are in the first stages of that horrible disease. Since Colombia is targeting the Narcos and extraditing them to the USA, then the criminals find that Venezuela and Ecuador are fertile ground for their business.

These countries are very unfriendly to the Drug Enforcement Administration and in General to all American Agencies and Officials.

As the Venezuelan and Ecuadoran Economies have troubles with decreasing oil prices, then Demagoguery becomes a very efficient method of controlling the Poor and Ignorant.

They also gain internal support by taking MACHO positions in Foreign Policy and by being very aggressive against the USA, Colombia, Israel, etc ...

Venezuela is becoming a base for Russian Ships, harbors and ports open to the Soviets, next airports will be available for Russians.

But Chavez rants that they USA wants to invade Venezuela from Colombia.

The Imprudent WarMongers that have mobilized troops are Chavez and Correa. The ones that spit venom before microphones are these two Tropical Dictators ( closing TV and Radio enemies and giving money to friends in the Media )

The guys that support the FARC terrorists are Chavez, Correa and Ortega.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  8:02 PM  

I suppose O'Grady also supports the car-bombing of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt in Washington,DC, the only act of state-sponsored terrorism to take place in the nation's capital.

Why does Mary Anastacia O'Grady hate America?

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