Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fast vs. slow policy in Honduras

Liz Harper at Americas Quarterly quotes a "senior Republican aide" who wants to make clear that the party is not united behind Jim DeMint's position on Honduras, which is synonymous with the coup government's position.

Rather, he said “we know a deal must be brokered, and that cooler heads must prevail. In order to curtail increased suffering and bloodshed, swift action toward a peaceful resolution is called for. Swift action will need to be coupled with more nuanced consideration of the political problems Honduras has and a focus on pragmatic solutions.”
This is curious, because 100 percent of the administration's comments on the matter have centered on the fact that the negotiations must be slow and deliberate. Or perhaps "swift" has been redefined to mean "after November 29."


Nell 1:41 PM  

My guess would be Sen. Lugar's staff, or (more or less same thing) a senior minority staffer on Foreign Relations Committee.

Someone who sees what severe concessions the San Jose "Accord" would be for Zelaya would be happy to see it signed quickly.

The economic strain is beginning to produce cracks and distancing among the businessmen who backed it.

Anonymous,  12:36 AM  

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